New Books Coming from Westminster Seminary Press in 2022

For a smaller publishing outfit like Westminster Seminary Press any opportunity to announce new books is pretty thrilling. Each of the new titles for 2022 that we have to share with you is especially exciting for me because of the years of meticulous work I’ve seen our team and authors put into them. Furthermore, each book is one we’re confident will inform and encourage the members and leaders of Christ’s church. Alongside new work from Westminster faculty, these books update classic, hard to find, and long out of print titles from theologians like John Murray, Richard B. Gaffin, Jr., and J. H. Bavinck. Accompanying them, pastors and scholars like Sinclair B. Ferguson, Kevin DeYoung, Daniel Strange, David B. Garner, and Guy Prentiss Waters have written must-read introductions and annotations. 

I hope you’ll enjoy reading these new books as much as we’ve enjoyed publishing them!

John Witherspoon, Justification & Regeneration: Practical Writings on Saving Faith, ed., Kevin DeYoung
John Witherspoon, Justification & Regeneration: Practical Writings on Saving Faith, ed., Kevin DeYoung

Justification and Regeneration

John Witherspoon, ed. Kevin DeYoung

Arriving in May, Justification and Regeneration: Practical Writings on Saving Faith is the second installment in our Library of Presbyterian Classics series. Kevin DeYoung has edited two timeless works by John Witherspoon—An Essay on Justification and A Practical Treatise on Regeneration—and provided a fascinating introduction grounded in his PhD work on Witherspoon. Witherspoon had an enormous influence in his own day, and into the 19th century, but is largely forgotten today. Together with the first book in the series—I Will Build My Church, a collection of Thomas Witherow’s writings edited by Jonny Gibson—we hope the Library of Presbyterian Classics will renew interest in the history of Presbyterian orthodoxy and orthopraxy, and that the writings in these books will strengthen each reader’s faith in Christ. 

William Edgar, R. Kent Hughes, & Alfred Poirier, The Pastor and the Modern World: Reformed Ministry and Secular Culture

The Pastor and the Modern World

William Edgar, R. Kent Hughes, and Alfred Poirier

The Pastor and the Modern World: Reformed Ministry and Secular Culture has been in the works for several years now. This collection of three recent lectures on ministry and culture pairs William Edgar’s crystalline analysis of the trend toward secularism with two rich and inspiring messages about the heart of pastoral ministry by R. Kent Hughes and Alfred Poirier. At a time when our ministers need all the encouragement they can get, we hope every pastor will take the opportunity to spend a weekend reading and pondering this short book that Ray Ortlund calls “a rare gem.”

John Murray, The Epistle to the Romans

The Epistle to the Romans

John Murray, intro. Sinclair B. Ferguson

John Murray’s classic commentary on The Epistle to the Romans is well known as one of the best Reformed commentaries on Paul’s letter. To continue the legacy of this book for the next generation of pastors and scholars, we’ve re-typeset both volumes and produced a hardcover edition on superior paper, bound in a durable smyth sewn binding. Previously available in a unique “sandwiched” format, this is the first true complete single-volume edition of Murray’s commentary. Best of all, Sinclair B. Ferguson has written an excellent new introduction exclusive to this hardcover edition.

The Church between Temple and Mosque

J. H. Bavinck, intro. Daniel Strange

The last couple of years has seen a strong revival of interest in the work of Reformed missiologist J. H. Bavinck (nephew of Herman Bavinck). This posthumously published work was one of Bavinck’s last works on the relationship of Christianity to world religions, and had a broad influence throughout the 20th century. Our new edition includes a captivating introduction by Daniel Strange (Their Rock is not like Our Rock).

Reformed Standards of Unity

Various Authors

This edition of the creeds and confessions that define the Reformed tradition is another project that has been in the works at Westminster for many years. A handsome, portable edition designed for personal and corporate use, Reformed Standards of Unity includes the complete text of Four Ecumenical Creeds, the Three Forms of Unity, The Second Helvetic Confession, and, of course, The Westminster Standards.

Word and Spirit: Writings in Biblical and Systematic Theology

Richard B. Gaffin, Jr., ed. David B. Garner and Guy Prentiss Waters 

This is a monumental collection of Richard Gaffin’s shorter writings that includes more than 30 of his most important essays published over seven decades. These works represent the bulk of Gaffin’s writing across a spectrum of theological topics, from anthropology to eschatology. We think this is the most complete statement of Gaffin’s theology you will find in book form. Also included is a brief biography of Gaffin by Danny Olinger and the introduction by Garner and Waters.

P.S. In just a few weeks, Richard B. Gaffin, Jr.’s newest book, In the Fullness of Time will be available from Crossway. You can pre-order a copy at Westminster Bookstore now, if you haven’t already!

The Summary and Method of Theology

James Ussher, ed. Harrison Perkins, series ed. Todd M. Rester

This groundbreaking collection of new translations of James Ussher manuscripts by Harrison Perkins is the first installment in our Historic Texts of Reformed Theology series. This critical edition includes the text of Usshers’ The Summary of Theology, The Summary and Method of the Christian Religion, and The Principles of Christian Religion. Through comparative analysis, commentary, and original essays, Perkins illuminates definitive evidence of Ussher’s authorship of The Irish Articles of Religion, a key influence on the composition of The Westminster Standards. Presented in a critical diglot edition featuring the original Latin text and the new translation with commentary, this is a book every student of the Westminster Assembly will want to acquire.

Plus, here’s a sneak peak at translations in the works that will be published in the Historic Texts of Reformed Theology series, edited by Todd M. Rester:

Petrus Van Mastricht’s Syntagma On Saving Faith

Johannus Marckius’s Compendium of Christian Theology

Franciscus Junius’s Theological Theses

Gijsbert Voetius’s Selections from the Select Disputations 

There’s lots more to come from Westminster Seminary Press (look out for new translations and editions of works by Herman Bavinck and Cornelius Van Til in 2023!) but in the meantime don’t forget to subscribe to or pick up individual issues of Westminster Theological Journal and Unio Cum Christo. Westminster also publishes a magazine biannually. If you’d like to be subscribed to the print edition, please contact Westminster’s Stewardship Office.

Thanks for reading!

Josh Currie

Editorial Director, Westminster Seminary Press

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Joshua Currie is Westminster Theological Seminary's publishing manager.

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