O Death Where Is Thy Sting?

What Theologians Are Saying

  • “It would be impossible for me to overstate the influence of John Murray on me as a young man; his writings were crucial to my embracing the Reformed faith. Now his sermons in print will surely stimulate the mind, warm the heart, and edify the spirit of a new generation and prompt us all to adore the majesty of God and glory in Christ Jesus.” —Liam Goligher
  • “The sermons in this volume are, with a couple exceptions, not found in the four volumes of Murrays Collected Writings. Many of them are from Romans, a book on which Murray wrote an important commentary. As we would expect, the sermons are deeply theological, and they engage many of the themes stressed in Murray's systematic writings: definitive and progressive sanctification; the Father's love as the ultimate source of the atonement; Jesus's ontological and economic lordship; the believers union with Christ in his death and resurrection; and many others. But these are actual sermons, and Murray here is concerned not just to validate doctrinal formulations. Again and again he addresses his hearers, exhorting them to attend to the very practical consequences of the teachings. We often see how a frequently overlooked doctrinal distinction brings the believer to a new dimension of heart-commitment and consistent discipleship. Let me exhort you now to take advantage of this feast. Learn from the depths of Scripture from one of its best students.” —John M. Frame
  • “Here is a collection of sermons without additives, no unnecessary words, no superfluous illustrations. How unlike so many of our current efforts. Professor Murray opens up the text and leaves us in no doubt about what it means and why it matters. Ever since reading his commentary on Romans, I have turned regularly to his collected writings. I am thrilled to have this new volume, which I commend with a measure of pride in the work of this Highland Scot!” —Alistair Begg
  • “The sermons that comprise this volume are so engaging that once we start reading them it is almost impossible to put them down. Their genius is that Professor Murray makes each one a journey of exploration in which he serves as an expert travel guide. We are first of all assured of making a complete exploration of the chosen text, and Murray's penchant for thoroughness is very winsome; a literary scholar would use the formula close reading to name the process. We also journey through other parts of the Bible that bear upon the text and its doctrines. The ongoing momentum of each sermon is breathtaking, aided by numerical schemes, the pursuing of ideas to their logical conclusion, raising and answering questions that naturally arise, and moving toward application at the end. The form and craft of these sermons are as much a part of their excellence and appeal as is the edification that they impart. We expect edification in a sermon, but these sermons give us pleasure as well.” —Leland Ryken
  • “These sermons have been held back for far too long. Doctrinally rich, heart-warming, and sometimes profoundly solemn, they deserve a wide circulation. Seldom has justification by faith been preached with greater clarity or the Father's love found a more passionate expositor. A feast for the hungry soul!” —Donald Macleod

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