The Afterword | Season 2, Episode 2

To kick off our second season of the Afterword, Jonny is joined by Gavin Peacock— a former professional soccer player in the English Premier League and current pastor and author. During his 18-year professional soccer career, Gavin played in over 600 games, including an FA Cup final with Chelsea, and scored 135 goals along the way. He played alongside some of the all-time greats at some of the biggest clubs, including QPR, Gillingham, AFC Bournemouth, Newcastle, Chelsea, and Charlton. Part 2 will focus on Gavin’s ministry and family life, discussing lessons he’s learned as a Christian athlete, father, husband, and now pastor and author. If you have very little interest in soccer or sports, we’d encourage you to give it a listen even if you’re tempted to skip this one! We think you’ll find Gavin to be a great storyteller filled with many practical insights relevant to any Christian on topics like parenting, pastoring, evangelism, balancing work and ministry, etc. And above all, Gavin is very clear on the Gospel.

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