The Epistle to the Romans

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What Theologians Are Saying

  • “I don’t think any commentary has surpassed Murray in theological depth and precision on the book of Romans. The sentences are complex and carefully crafted, and they are penetrating in the depth and scope of their theological richness.” —John Piper
  • “This has been my favorite commentary on Romans for the past 47 years. It is a must for every serious student of the Bible.” —Alistair Begg
  • “I am thrilled to see this new edition of The Epistle to the Romans. Murray’s commentary is not only an erudite and incisive exposition on one of the most important books in the Bible, it’s one of the best theological commentaries on any book of the Bible. This re-published volume will have a prized position in my library. I know I will open the pages of this classic work with regularity and with delight.” —Kevin DeYoung
  • “Of the numerous fine commentaries there are on Romans, over the years Murray’s and Calvin’s have been my go-to ones. This re-publication is most welcome.” —Richard B. Gaffin, Jr.
  • “Some commentaries repay careful reading many years after they were written, and John Murray’s classic on Romans fits that category. Murray’s work is characterized by keen observation, exegetical rigor, and theological profundity. Murray wrote for scholars but also for the church of Jesus Christ, believing that the theology and teaching in Romans are eminently practical. C. S. Lewis warned us about chronological snobbery, and his admonition applies to excellent commentaries as well. I am gratified to see that Westminster Seminary Press has published Murray’s commentary for a new generation.” —Thomas Schreiner
  • “John Murray exemplified the honored role of exegetical theologian. It is essential praise to say that it can be difficult to see where Murray the exegete ends and Murray the theologian begins. This double gift is most evident in his commentary on Romans. There we see his high skills as an exegete and his interpretations of the text let him show that our theology rests squarely on the most careful reading of Scripture.” —Dan Doriani
  • “John Murray’s commentary on Romans is a classic. As such, it continues to have an enduring shelf life and an immense impact on contemporary readers of one of Paul’s most important letters. Even when readers of Murray disagree with his exegetical moves and theological analysis, they will still be encouraged, challenged, edified, and driven back to the text by Murray’s exegesis and theological reflections.” —Jarvis J. Williams
  • “‘Devout and meticulous scholarship,’ wrote this book’s editor Ned B. Stonehouse when it was first published. That verdict holds true over a half century later, confirming that John Murray’s Romans commentary is a classic. In an age of varying and sometimes disparaging assessments of a Reformational reading of Paul, Murray’s conviction regarding Romans (see commentary preface) deserves highlighting: ‘If we are not overwhelmed by the glory of that gospel and ushered into the holy of holies of God’s presence, we have missed the grand purpose of this sacred deposit.’ For the student, pastor, and scholarly exegete alike, this commentary remain a sure guide toward grasping that grand purpose.” —Robert W. Yarbrough


  • A new introduction by Sinclair Ferguson
  • New single-volume format
  • Cloth over board with dust jacket
  • Updated index
  • Printed and bound in Italy

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