The Sea of Glass

This piece originally appeared in the print edition of Westminster Magazine, Vol. 1, Issue 1

The pond without wind glass it seems
But it dances with joy in sun’s beams
Immobile and active, one in the same
Unchanging yet changed when light came

Oh, dark night of the soul, don’t you know
Your wrinkles in time will one day smooth
Light comes down but not like rain
It is free to flow in life and sooth

Halcyon wrought by woe and tears
They run down cheeks in restless spate
They fall on feet like rays of sun
They touch the toes that water placate

The sea of wrath, its raging breakers
A buttress for Destruction’s fleet
Allayed by those small drops
Now sea of glass beneath his feet

Spirit over my soul
Bend every knee and knoll
Deliver from fangs of wrasse
Make my heart a sea of glass

Rob Golding graduated from Westminster with an M.Div. in 2021. He is the pastor of First Artesia Christian Reformed Church in Artesia, California.

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