LectureThe Nature of Man
This second lecture that Dr. John Murray gives on the doctrine of man considers the effects of sin on man as body and spirit.
John Murray
March 31, 2021
LectureIntroduction to "Christ in All of Scripture"
Introduction to Dr. Edmund P Clowney's course "Christ in All of Scripture".
Edmund Clowney
October 17, 2020
LectureInterpreting the Song of Songs
Listen to Dr. Ian Duguid explain how to understand the Gospel from Song of Songs.
Iain Duguid
September 18, 2013
LectureWhat is the Bible?
Listen to Dr. Richard B. Gaffin Jr. contend for the only way to hear the voice of Jesus.
Richard B. Gaffin
March 5, 2010
LectureThe Law in the Westminster Confession
Listen to Dr. Sinclair B. Ferguson compare the view of theonomy to the Westminster divines.
Sinclair B. Ferguson
January 1, 1988

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