Albert Bierstadt, Mt Adams

Far Greater

October 15, 2021

This is the first issue of the second volume of Westminster's Magazine. It contains articles written by Westminster faculty, students, and alumni.

Albert Bierstadt, Mt Adams

A Far Greater Imagination
"Christians have a far greater imagination—one that is founded on the very word of God, that centers on the finished work of Christ, and that depends on the Spirit to live, move, and have our being in this world.”
David Briones

Imagining a Far Greater Campus
"This far greater vision enables us not just to imagine Westminster’s campus of the future, but to begin building it, brick by brick."
Peter Lillback

A Far Greater Pastorate
"It was...Christ’s plan...generating generations of his laborers that animated Westminster’s forefathers at Old Princeton."
John Currie

A Far Greater Song: Imagining a Global Network at Westminster
"Christ’s words to his disciples at the end of Matthew stand firmly upon an ancient and deep revelational bedrock."
David B. Garner

Faithful Determination
A faculty interview with Dr. Mark Garcia

A Ministry of Presence: Westminster Alumni on the Frontlines
"Chaplaincy is a ministry opportunity where doors open in unexpected places."

Moving Beyond the Binaries: Herman Bavinck, 100 years later
" embrace modern life is not identical with the embrace of modernism."
Nathanial Gray Sutanto

You Are They: Human Identity and the Trinity
"But the king of questions always steps ahead of the others, strong and silent: Who are you?"
Pierce Taylor Hibbs

Hearts Aflame | Part Three
A Guided Tour of the Legacy of Precision and Piety in Presbyterian Preaching, Pt. 3
David Owen Filson

Holy Inhabitance
“Holy Inhabitance” is the winner of the Edgar Creative Writing Prize, awarded annually at Westminster.
Whitney Rivera
Joel Richards
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