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Light in Darkness

November 11, 2022

This is the first issue of the third volume of Westminster Magazine. It contains articles written by Westminster faculty, students, and alumni.

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The Gospel and Identity in Christ
"Many grace-filled brothers and sisters speak openly against the SSA identity paradigm. These humble servants are no ivory-tower theologians, hurling theological darts from afar."
David B. Garner

Critical Theory and the Bible
Critical theory needs to be open to its own criticism.
Brian Mattson

Living Pro-Life in a Post-Roe World
"This is yet another example of a not-so-subtle maneuver pro-abortion advocates have employed in recent years, involving word games that would have made Wittgenstein proud."
David Owen Filson

Why Public Theology?
"Additionally, the matter of public theology at Westminster was greatly clarified by our concern to maintain our position on the sanctity of life in the face of the pro-abortion demands of the Affordable Care Act."
Peter Lillback

Defense and Reconciliation | A Faculty Interview with Alfred Poirier
Jeff Hart interviews Alfred Poirier on the ministry of reconciliation.
Alfred Poirier

Yesterday, Today, and Forever
"Christianity is not just a deed complete with a title search to a plot of ground and a house in heaven. It is also a set of directions, a series of indications, for living today."
Paul Woolley

Thoughts on Cultural Analysis
Vern Poythress shows how Westminster is uniquely situated to do cultural analysis.
Vern Poythress

Thinking Biblically about Race
A biblical perspective on race celebrates both our God-given unity and our uniqueness
Timothy Brindle

Standing for the Sanctity of Life
"The fight for life has been fought for almost half a century, most of it out of the spotlight, in a committed and arduous battle involving the sacrifice of time, resources, and long-term education..."
Timon Cline

Christ the Cosmic King
An interview with Doctor of Ministry student Rob Pacienza
David Owen Filson

Christianity & Progressivism: A Pastor's Perspective
"In other words, Progressive Christianity, at its core, is Liberal Christianity 2.0."
Harry Reeder

A Lifetime of Faithful Ministry: Remembering Frank Barker
"He held fast to that blessed hope, sustained by the seed of faith, which will blossom most beautifully in the light of glory."
Nathan Nocchi
Joel Richards
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