Westminster Magazine issue 1 cover, Take Heart

Take Heart

October 31, 2020

The inaugural issue of Westminster Magazine featuring articles by Drs. Jonny Gibson, Todd Rester, Brian Mattson, and more.

Westminster Magazine issue 1 cover, Take Heart

An Interview with Dr. Vern Poythress
Listen as Dr. Poythress describes his walk with the Lord and his development as a thinker.
Vern Poythress

Closing the Distance
An interview discussing the vision for Westminster’s Online MDiv

When Life Gets Tough
Dr. Jonny Gibson describes four ways the Lord is our keeper from Psalm 121
Jonny Gibson

Hearts Aflame
David Owen Filson's guided tour of the legacy of precision and piety in Presbyterian preaching, pt. 1
David Owen Filson

The Christian World Order
This article was first presented in 1942 at Westminster Theological Seminary's "The Christian World Order" conference.
John Murray

The Sea of Glass
The 2020 winner of the Edgar Creative Writing Prize, awarded annually at Westminster.
Rob Golding

Reforming Christians in a Time of Plague
Travel through time with Dr. Todd Rester as he considers how the Reformers responded when the plague swept through their cities.
Todd Rester

Meet the Sztos: A Multi-Generational Legacy of Biblical Education at Westminster
Peter and Mary Szto are interviewed about their family's history and relationship with Westminster Theological Seminary.
Joel Richards
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