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Introducing Our Online Theological Studies Certificates

Westminster now offers three distinct certificates for men and women who wish to further their theological education and effectively apply Scriptural truths to their life, work, and/or ministry. These certificates are available fully online and offer the unique opportunity for the whole church, both domestically and globally, to receive training and resources from Westminster’s world-renowned faculty. Because of our commitment to God's Word, we believe that profound preparation is critical for every ordained and non-ordained leader in the church. These certificates aim to richly equip leaders for the profound demands of their various callings in ministry, work, and home life while remaining in their local context.

          Continuing in the tradition of Westminster’s founding faculty, our degree programs have traditionally focused on the five distinctives of covenantal apologetics, redemptive-historical hermeneutics, biblical counseling, biblio-systematic theology, church history, and Christ-centered preaching. The Online Theological Studies Certificates provide an overview of these distinctives for non-ministry and ministry professionals, prospective students, stay-at-home parents, lay leaders, and those who desire graduate-level courses from Westminster but do not desire to enter a full degree program.

  • The Foundations of Theology Certificate places special emphasis on the most fundamental principles of theology, which will equip students to faithfully engage in the defense of their faith and understand more fully how God has made himself known in Christ through the Scripture.
  • The Biblical Interpretation Certificate focuses on the unified and organic narrative of redemption revealed in Scripture. The coursework in this certificate will help students better understand and apply the history of redemption and the Christ-centeredness of God’s Word to everyday life.
  • The Theology and History Certificate provides an introduction to the core tenets of the Christian faith from a Reformed perspective, including a survey of the history of the Church and its theology. It will enrich an understanding of God’s Spirit at work in his church throughout the ages.

          Most lectures are pre-recorded and available on-demand, designed to meet the needs of those who need the flexibility but desire a richer understanding of theology. Live, face-to-face meetings are reserved for small group interactions and aim to foster an environment for edification and spiritual growth.

          Students may begin classes for the certificate during any of the five terms that commence in January, March, June, September, and October. Each certificate includes 9 credit hours of coursework which can be completed within one year. These certificates can also be combined to build up to a full Master of Arts in Theological Studies degree. Explore course previews and learn more about our certificates here. Applications for our March term are due by February 15th.

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