2023 Science and Faith Conference

Is mankind an error-prone accident of nature or a masterpiece of engineering, ingenuity, and intention? For those of us that believe in the marvelous design of mankind, how might we respond well to those who think we are nothing more than an accident? At this year’s Westminster Conference on Science & Faith, you will be equipped by expert scientists and theologians to answer some of the hardest questions posed by skeptics. Though speakers will be addressing detailed evidence in various scientific fields, the content is designed to be accessible to a broad audience as well as to scientific specialists. The conference explores the uniqueness of human beings in relation to God, to human society, and to physiology, biology, paleontology, and genetics. Special topics include the image of God, remarkable physiological systems, human sexuality, the future of humanity, the threat of totalitarian science, a Christian approach to teaching STEM, and the relation of the brain to the mind.

September 29, 2023

Van Til & The Future of Reformed Apologetics

WTS conference on Apoloegetics with K. Scott Oliphint, Brian Mattson, James Anderson, Dan Strange, & Christopher Watkin.

February 28, 2023

WTS 2022 Conference on Preaching and Preachers

Westminster Conference on Preaching and Preachers with Rob Edwards, Stafford Carson, Albert Mohler, Richard Pratt.

October 18, 2022

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