The Sea of Glass

The 2020 winner of the Edgar Creative Writing Prize, awarded annually at Westminster.

WTS Magazine

The Easy Path to Contentment

"Contentment is a fickle mistress. She is usually gone and when she is near, she always threatens to leave."

The Savior Wants Simple Service

"Serving people by considering God first is an incomparable comfort to those in ministry."

The Problem With Perfection

Seeking long-lasting joy rather than mere, short-lived happiness

Crisis Upon Crisis: Becoming Desensitized to the World

Rob Golding reflects on the frequency of our crises and how we must look to Christ in the midst of suffering and uncertainty

The Apostle Paul's Evangelism Problem

"Are you as bold as you ought to be in sharing the gospel?"

The Pastor and the Modern World

Three seasoned pastor-scholars―William Edgar, R. Kent Hughes, and Alfred Poirier―come to the aid of today’s pastor, bringing their experience to bear on cultural engagement, the craft of preaching, and the care of souls.

A Meditation on the Master of Divinity

A recent graduate of Westminster reflects on the Master of Divinity, and the fruit of his studies during this time.

Can Justice Grieve the Spirit?: Disentangling Idolatry from Justice

"The pendulum has swung—and today, the “otherworldly” focus has changed to the present."

Christ the Cosmic King

An interview with Doctor of Ministry student Rob Pacienza

WTS Magazine

Satan on the First Amendment

A recently launched After School Satan Club reminds us that Satan’s been the most passionate supporter of free speech since the dawn of time.

Will AI Do My Job Better Than Me?

"True creation is more complicated than what AI does."

The Deathwork of Devilish Dance: What a Grammy Performance Reveals about Secular Thought

A "Satanic" song performance at the 2023 Grammys has drawn much attention. What does it teach us about secular thought, and how should we respond?

The Christian and Culture

This article, the seventh of the series, was first presented in 1942 at Westminster Theological Seminary's "The Christian World Order" conference.

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