The Speech of God Is All

Pierce Taylor Hibbs discusses how the speech of God informs all realms of knowledge.

If God Has Spoken

If God has spoken, that changes everything. It means you know who you are, why you're here, and where you're going.

Christian Interpretations of Genesis 1

Scholar of science and theology, Vern Poythress, examines which of the contemporary interpretations of Genesis are most consistent with scientific evidence and careful biblical interpretation.

Sing Praise to God

Listen to Dr. Cornelius Van Til speak on music and worship.

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How Did Evil Come into the World?

In our world things are not the way they are supposed to be. If God is perfect, loving, and powerful, why does he allow this world to be so painful and imperfect? Scripture provides satisfying answers to these questions.

Christianity and the Role of Philosophy

A philosophy, as a worldview, must have an anchor if it is to be meaningfully discussed and assessed. If God exists, then philosophy must find its anchor by being subservient to theology.

Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design

What are creationism, evolution, and intelligent design really about? Do they have similar levels of credibility, or has materialism displaced God as the best explanation for our existence?

Truth Asks for Trust

"Everything bears a message from the estate owner."

What Blood Teaches

The blood of Christ still speaks. It asks us to draw nearer, to the owner of the blood.

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